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Your Guide To Healthy Eyes For Life

My eyesight had been getting worse for months and I didn't take the time to visit my eye doctor. When the headaches started, I finally went for an eye examination and I needed stronger prescription eyeglasses. Hello, my name is Janelle White and my blog focuses on eye health. By neglecting the warning signs of my failing eyesight for months, the problem got worse. I hope that my blog will motivate others to regularly visit their optometrist for an eye exam. When reading my blog, you'll learn about common eye conditions and diseases of the eye. You'll also learn about the symptoms that indicate you need to make an eye doctor appointment immediately. I'll also discuss the importance of regular eye exams for children and how you can tell if your child is having sight problems. Thanks for reading my blog and take care of your eyes.


3 Kinds Of Ophthalmology Services

Most people see an optometrist for routine eye care. However, some people will also need to see an ophthalmologist, which is a medical doctor that specializes in vision care. If you're wondering why you might need to see an ophthalmologist, here are three kinds of ophthalmology services these eye specialists provide. 1. Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Disease When you have vision problems, the first person you go to is your optometrist. Read More 

Eye Care Tips For Summertime

From the sun to the sea, there are a number of factors that make summer great, but at the same time, they can make summer irritating. While you may remember to put on the sunscreen so your skin is protected when you go out into the sun, you may not necessarily think about taking the appropriate steps to protect your eyesight. Keep reading to learn a few things to do so that your eyes are protected this summer. Read More