Your Guide To Healthy Eyes For LifeYour Guide To Healthy Eyes For Life

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Your Guide To Healthy Eyes For Life

My eyesight had been getting worse for months and I didn't take the time to visit my eye doctor. When the headaches started, I finally went for an eye examination and I needed stronger prescription eyeglasses. Hello, my name is Janelle White and my blog focuses on eye health. By neglecting the warning signs of my failing eyesight for months, the problem got worse. I hope that my blog will motivate others to regularly visit their optometrist for an eye exam. When reading my blog, you'll learn about common eye conditions and diseases of the eye. You'll also learn about the symptoms that indicate you need to make an eye doctor appointment immediately. I'll also discuss the importance of regular eye exams for children and how you can tell if your child is having sight problems. Thanks for reading my blog and take care of your eyes.


Your Questions About Nearsightedness Answered

Nearsightedness is a common condition in which a person can see items that are close by but those that are far away look blurry. Even though nearsightedness affects a large proportion of the population, you probably don't know much about the condition -- which can prove bothersome when you're diagnosed with it! Here's a look at some common questions people who are diagnosed with nearsightedness have, along with their answers. Read More 

5 Ways to Eat Well to Benefit Your Eyesight

Prescription eye glasses help to correct your vision, reducing your eyestrain and allowing you to enjoy activities with ease. Working with clinics like Optique Boutique is an essential step to take when it comes to safeguarding your vision. You can also take matters into your own hands and do small things every day to benefit your eyesight; these things are simple, straightforward, and affordable. Here are some tips for eating to benefit your eyesight. Read More 

3 Unhealthy Habits That Damage Your Eyesight

Your sight is one of your most precious senses. It allows you to navigate obstacles throughout life effectively and safely, provides you with the ability to enjoy visual entertainment, and grants you the ability to look upon your friends and loved ones. Optometrists and opticians at clinics like Anderson Family Vision Care are able to help you safeguard your eyesight and your ocular health by providing you with healthy resources and sight aids such as contact lenses and prescription glasses. Read More 

What You Need to Know about Styes

Have you ever gotten a little bump on your eyelid? If so, you probably know what a stye is. This condition happens to many people at different times in their life. It can be incredibly uncomfortable or hardly even noticeable. Here are a couple things that you need to know about styes so that you can take care of yourself. What Is A Stye? A stye is a blocked gland on your eyelid. Read More