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Your Guide To Healthy Eyes For Life

My eyesight had been getting worse for months and I didn't take the time to visit my eye doctor. When the headaches started, I finally went for an eye examination and I needed stronger prescription eyeglasses. Hello, my name is Janelle White and my blog focuses on eye health. By neglecting the warning signs of my failing eyesight for months, the problem got worse. I hope that my blog will motivate others to regularly visit their optometrist for an eye exam. When reading my blog, you'll learn about common eye conditions and diseases of the eye. You'll also learn about the symptoms that indicate you need to make an eye doctor appointment immediately. I'll also discuss the importance of regular eye exams for children and how you can tell if your child is having sight problems. Thanks for reading my blog and take care of your eyes.


Why Contacts Are Best For Cosplay

Anime and gaming conventions are fun to attend, especially if you participate in the art of cosplay, dressing up as favorite characters from a show or game. If you wear glasses, however, it might be a good idea to get a pair of contacts for the event. Here are three reasons why contacts reign supreme when you want to cosplay.

Cosmetic Alteration

Contact lenses can do a lot to change the look of your eyes. In addition to changing the color, they can even make your eyes look bigger, which is a big part of the design aesthetic of anime and game characters.

If your eyes don't already match the color of your character, getting a pair of contacts is an easy way to change that. You'll be able to see clearly at your convention and know that you are matching the appearance of your cosplay character as closely as possible.


Whether you're dressing up as a male or female character, many cosplayers choose to enhance their eyelashes for cosplay. Since characters in games and anime tend to have large, expressive eyes, adding a dash of eye makeup or even artificial lashes can boost your resemblance to your character.

However, eye makeup does come with some drawbacks, especially if you choose artificial lashes. It's entirely possible that your glasses could be pressing up against your eyelashes for the duration of the convention. This can not only mess up your makeup but it can leave your lenses smudged and nearly impossible to see through. With a simple pair of contacts, you don't have to worry about your corrective eyewear messing up your eye enhancements.

Unexpected Snapshots

Lastly, if you've been planning on taking your glasses off for photos, keep in mind that you may not always get that chance. While many photographers ask for permission and then allow a cosplayer time to pose for the photo, many others will just snap pictures without your knowledge. As a result, photos of you in your perfect costume - but wearing glasses that your character never would - could end up being taken. With internet sharing being the way it is, photos of you outside your best could end up on the internet. However, if you choose to wear contacts, you'll always look your best regardless of when a photo of you is taken.

Cosplaying with contact lenses is simply the best way to do it, especially if you need vision correction to see clearly. Talk to an eye doctor, such as at Northwest Ophthalmology, about getting a pair of contacts now so you're ready for the next convention you attend.