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Your Guide To Healthy Eyes For Life

My eyesight had been getting worse for months and I didn't take the time to visit my eye doctor. When the headaches started, I finally went for an eye examination and I needed stronger prescription eyeglasses. Hello, my name is Janelle White and my blog focuses on eye health. By neglecting the warning signs of my failing eyesight for months, the problem got worse. I hope that my blog will motivate others to regularly visit their optometrist for an eye exam. When reading my blog, you'll learn about common eye conditions and diseases of the eye. You'll also learn about the symptoms that indicate you need to make an eye doctor appointment immediately. I'll also discuss the importance of regular eye exams for children and how you can tell if your child is having sight problems. Thanks for reading my blog and take care of your eyes.


Visiting An Optometrist

Your vision is something that you should cherish and take care of, but no matter how well you take care of your eyes, problems can arise. If you have noticed that there have been changes in your eyesight, then it is time to visit with an optometrist. Visiting an optometrist can be a little nerve-racking, but it is important to remember that the optometrist will be looking to help you in any way that they can in regards to your eyesight. To ease your anxiety, here are a few things that you can expect to go through in your first visit. 

Snellen Chart

One of the first things that you can expect to do is read a Snellen chart. This is the chart that is famous for the big and small letters. The optometrist is going to have you read the Snellen chart with both eyes open, but then they will also have you read the chart with one eye closed, and then the other. This is going to give the optometrist an idea of what your eyesight is, but it is not going to tell the doctor everything that they need to know, so they are going to them perform a few more tests.

Color Blindness

The optometrist is also going to make sure that you do not have any color blindness. The way that they are going to do this is by bringing out a sign that has a bunch of different dots on it. The dots are going to be slightly different colors, and if you can't read the number on the sign, then you are likely a bit color blind. This is important for different aspects like driving.

Eye Health

The eye doctor is also going to make sure that your eyes are completely healthy. There are many different things that can go wrong with the anatomy of your eye, and the doctor wants to make sure that your eyes are completely healthy. One of the main things that they are going to be checking is the pressure in the small blood vessels that are in your eyes. If there is a lot of pressure in your eyes, you could need to have a small surgery to relieve the pressure. In order for the doctor to look at the overall health of your eyes, they will simply take a few photographs. So, you will look into a light, and they will snap the pictures. 

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